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Our Wild Acacia Honey is a National Treasure

My name is Ibolya. I grew up in a quiet village in Hungary. It was a healthy lifestyle. We raised the vegetables and fruits we ate. And we enjoyed Hungary's world famous honey, wild acacia honey. Now, my husband and I live in the beautiful California city of Santa Barbara. It was always my dream to introduce this country to the wonderful acacia honey of Hungary. After our girls went off to high school, it was time to follow my dream. Hungary Bees is our family business, dedicated to sourcing and marketing the highest quality acacia honey available. I am proud to say that we have accomplished this goal. Our wild acacia honey is raw, organic, and non-GMO, the most healthy features available in any honey. It is so sweet yet so light it can be used in many drinks and recipes, complimenting, not masking, the original flavors. It is lower in calories per serving than other honeys. It is known throughout Europe for its healing and healthy qualities.

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