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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some Questions about Hungary Bees Honey?

What are Some Other Uses for Honey?

Honey has antiseptic properties, as well as antioxidents that can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease! It also has soothing capabilities, perfect to ease a sore throat or cough. Applying honey to burns has shown to be soothing as well! Honey can contribute to weight loss, can help eye sight, and can help with nausea and reduce stress! For women, a honey mask can be a good way to clear up skin and give a radiant glow!

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What is Acacia Honey?
Why is it different from other honey?

In springtime in Hungary, for only five short weeks, the forests of Acacia trees blossom in brilliant white, creating a countryside like it's covered in snow. Only then can you gather Europe's most prized honey--Hungarian wild Acacia honey, the lightest and finest tasting honey found anywhere.

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Where is Acacia Honey From?

Acacia Honey is harvested in Hungary, the only place to find the expansive forests of Acacia Trees.

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What is "raw" honey?

Raw honey is honey that has not been heated to excessive temperatures. Many honey brands process and pasteurize their honey as part of their storing process. This kills many of the natural nutrients in the honey and changes the flavor of it. Hungary Bees Acacia Honey is carefully handled to preserve its natural flavor and health benefits. There are no artificial sweeteners added to our honey! Other companies may also dilute their honey with cheaper or lower quality honey, but Hungary Bees strives to only deliver the finest honey!

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What is "organic" honey?

Truely organic honey is incredibly rare. Although honey is typically an all-natural product, many honey brands have traces of pesticides. Why is this? Many bees fly incredibly far from the hive and can be exposed to a number of pesticides which they bring back to the hive. In Hungary, the Acacia forests are not treated with pesticides, and extend for miles. Thus, bees never come in contact with other flowers. This naturally ensures that Hungary Bees Acacia Honey is all natural and organic!

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Where Can You Buy
Hungary Bees Acacia Honey?

Hungary Bees Acacia honey is available at these fine stores in the Southern California area:

  • Whole Foods
  • Bristol Farms
  • Gelson's
  • Lassen's

As you can see, Hungary Bees takes great pride in associating with only high quality businesses that share our values in maintaining and supporting our local communities.

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Is Hungary Bees Honey available in my area?

Hungary Bees Honey is available at select stores in Southern California. If you live outside of Southern California, however, you can order it online and have it shipped anywhere!

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Is Hungary Bees Acacia Honey Available Online?

Yes! We sell it on Amazon! Click here to find it!

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What is a Honey Pump?

A honey pump is a great way to avoid the mess of honey! An attachment you can purchase separately, the honey pump transports the honey right where you want it in perfect proportions!

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Is Hungary Bees on Facebook?

Yes! You can find us by clicking here.

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What are the health benefits of honey?

Sugars, which make up 85 to 95% of the dry matter of honey, are mainly simple sugars, predominantly fructose and glucose. In addition, honey varietals contain 8 to 10 other carbohydrate types. Nevertheless, people with diabetes can eat honey as part of their daily allowed carbohydrate intake.

There are many enzymes functioning in honey. Hydrogen peroxide generate by the glucose oxidase enzyme in the honey provides it with an antibiotic effect. The oganic acids of honey help digestion.

Honey contains over a hundred aromatic substances. The great variety of the aroma, smell and flavor or honey is due to the diversity of plants producing the nectar. The level of vitamin content in honey depends on the pollen connect.

Honey contains 18 types of amino acids. Although the amino acid content amounts to 1--1.5% only, the great variant of the constituent amino acids cannot be overlooked. The pigments in honey also have an influence on human health. The diverse physiological effects of honey, as well as of herbs with yellow flowers (e.g., Calendula), are ensure by flavonoids. The importance of carotene is also universally acknowledged.

Honey has other active ingredients with physiological benefits that make it in many ways effective in preserving and even regaining health. Honey contains 18-19% water, which is exclusively ground water, filtered through plant cells several times.

Some warn against eating honey saying it is fattening. The truth, however, is the following: the liver will store the fructose from the honey, and it will not be turned into fat. The glucose from honey cannot turn into fat either, because the muscles will burn it before that could happen. Lactose will be used by the useful micro-organisms in the intestines, and it will not become fat either. Certain honey varieties (Cabbage honey, Mint honey) have a diuretic effect, which causes weight loss.

Overall, honey consumption will only make the life of a healthy individual more active, which is known to act against weight increase. Honey will not cause tooth decay either, because the antiseptic substances in honey will prevent the start of tooth decay.

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