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introduces Europe's most prized honey...

Hungarian WILD Acacia Honey!

What makes Hungarian Acacia Honey so special? It is revered as the best tasting, most versatile and most healthful honey found anywhere in the world. Year after year, it is honored at international competitions as the world's best tasting honey. Acacia Honey is a national treasure in Hungary. Only in Hungary can you find pristine forests of acacia trees whose white blossoms for a few short weeks each spring yield our unique light sweet honey.

Sourced deep within the acacia forests of Hungary, HUNGARY BEES Wild Acacia Honey is ORGANIC and absolutely GMO FREE.

HUNGARY BEES Wild Acacia Honey is RAW to retain all of its natural nutritional value and health benefits. There are no hive antibiotics or less expensive honey blends added, no added sugars or water... it's so pure. Enjoy our healthy great tasting honey.

HUNGARY BEES Wild Acacia Honey is the finest honey available anywhere in the world.

Human Health Benefits

Honey contains 18 types of amino acids. Although the amino acid content amounts to 1 - 1.5% only, the great variant of the constituent amino acids cannot be overlooked. . .Read More

Other Uses for Honey

Acacia honey has anti-septic properties. It has been reccomended to cure coughing, prevent allergies, and ease indigestion. The aroma of honey can be used. . . Read More

A Sweet Summer Martini

A refreshing summer cocktail with a touch of sweet thanks to a twist on the traditional simple syrup: made with honey instead of sugar, this makes for a refreshing summer-evening treat. . . Read More

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